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The early cars were sold by automakers to franchised to sell and service vehicles by.
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Other things to consider before buying a car are what service work needs done imminently — is the next service an interim or full service? Maybe a belt needs to be changed which could have a significant cost. And where has previous work been carried out? Some manufacturers can be strict with where you are allowed to service the vehicle whilst it is in warranty, and what parts were used.

A service record can take the form of electronic service history, stamps in a service book, or service invoices. Main manufacturer franchise dealers increasingly use electronic records — depending upon your make, these can obtained either through an online portal e. Jaguar Land Rover , or provided by the dealership directly.

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Please be aware that some work conducted on a vehicle is not counted as a service record, for example replacement tyres, alignment, mechanical failures or any items that fall outside of a service schedule. This will vary depending upon the type of vehicle you drive.

Most vehicles that have been maintained correctly will have a scheduled prompt to display the service indicator on the vehicle dashboard, prior to the service being due. Some more modern vehicles do not strictly adhere to a service schedule, using Condition Based Servicing instead, where the vehicle will advise when and at what mileage a service is due based upon the use of the vehicle.

Most schedules have defined limits by when a service is due. These are either a period of time such as 12 months , or defined mileage such as 12, , when the service will be due, whichever comes first. A full service record is of particular importance when a vehicle is in warranty. Another factor that affects a warranty claim is where the vehicle has been serviced. If the vehicle has not been serviced with approved or equivalent parts by a recognised garage, a warranty claim could be rejected.

If you are selling to webuyanycar. Outside of warranty, our tolerance for a missed service is more relaxed. Look out for odometers showing low kilometres for the vehicle's age and signs of wear. If you believe the odometer has been tampered with report it to the police.

As the new owner, by law you must register your used vehicle within six days of the sale. Here is how:. Nobody wants to watch a tow truck take away the car they just bought. But that is what can happen, if there is an outstanding debt, or lien, on a vehicle you have purchased.

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This is one reason why it is so important to get a Used Vehicle Information Package and check the lien information. If the lien is not paid, the secured party debt holder can repossess the vehicle from the person who owes the money or from the buyer of the vehicle. The date shown on the package is usually two days behind. It is important to check the lien information in the Used Vehicle Information Package because the lien can be registered against you. For information about commercial vehicles, contact the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. You must have motor vehicle insurance to drive in Ontario.

Whether you are attaching plates, renewing registration or buying a temporary permit, you must have insurance. Private companies sell insurance.

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This covers you in case you injure or kill someone or damage someone's property. Collision insurance to cover the damage to your own vehicle is a good idea, but not required by law.

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You must carry the pink insurance card for the vehicle that you are driving this includes your own or someone else's vehicle. You must show this card when a police officer asks for it. When driving someone else's vehicle, make sure the insurance covers you as a driver.

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You must pay sales tax when you buy a used vehicle privately. The amount of tax is on either the purchase price or the vehicle's wholesale value, whichever is more. Wholesale value is based on the Canadian Red Book , which lists the wholesale and retail values of used vehicles. This book is an accepted industry standard used by car dealers, insurance companies and other provincial governments. For personal vehicles, these values are based on the average amounts paid for vehicles of the same year, make and model. The values do not take into account optional equipment, vehicle condition, or the number of kilometres.

These values can change from the date you pick up the Used Vehicle Information Package to the date of the vehicle transfer. For passenger and light commercial vehicles 2, kilograms and under empty weight 20 years or older, the retail sales tax is payable on the purchase price, replacement value for insurance purposes, or appraised value, whichever is more. If you paid less than the Canadian Red Book value, you can get the vehicle appraised before changing ownership. If the appraisal supports a lower price than the Canadian Red Book, the buyer pays tax based on the higher value.

If the vehicle transfer and tax payment based on the average wholesale value have been processed at the ServiceOntario centre, an appraisal and an application for a tax refund must be sent to the Ministry of Revenue. Appraisal forms are available from ServiceOntario centres. Note: If you are buying a vehicle from a licensed motor vehicle dealer, you must pay the Harmonized Sales Tax to the dealer.

Note: Only one tax-free transfer per vehicle is allowed every 12 months within your close family. For some transfers, such as gifts between close family members describe above , are sales tax exempt if a Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Motor Vehicle in the Province of Ontario is provided when registering your vehicle at a ServiceOntario centre. To register a motor vehicle as fit, you must have a safety standards certificate. A safety standards certificate that is issued outside Ontario is not acceptable.

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An authorized mechanic at a government approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Station inspects the vehicle, for a fee, and issues a signed certificate if the vehicle passes inspection. The certificate is valid for 36 days from the date of the inspection. The certificate is not a warranty or guarantee on the general condition of the vehicle.

Note : A Safety standards certificate is not required when registering a used motorized snow vehicle, off-road vehicle, motor assisted bicycle moped , or trailer as fit. Buying and Selling a Used Vehicle in Ontario. Seller's Responsibilities: Buy the Used Vehicle Information Package if you are selling a used vehicle privately in Ontario Read it carefully to make sure the information is correct Show the Used Vehicle Information Package to any interested buyers Record your name, signature, name of buyer, date and purchase price on the "Bill of Sale" in the Used Vehicle Information Package Complete and sign the Application for Transfer.

The Application for Transfer is on the back of the "vehicle portion" of the registration permit Give the Used Vehicle Information Package and the "vehicle portion" of the registration permit to the buyer Note: The seller is required by law to remove his or her licence plates from the vehicle. Did you know? Buyers Responsibilities: Ask to see the Used Vehicle Information Package Read the information included in the package carefully before you buy the vehicle.

Check out a suspicious vehicle history. Note that if you purchase a vehicle with a conditional pass test result received on or after April 1, , you will need to make all required emissions repairs by your next registration renewal date because your vehicle will not qualify for a consecutive conditional pass.

If you buy the vehicle, make sure the seller gives you the package Get the vehicle permit with the completed Application for Transfer from the seller. Get the "Bill of Sale" from the seller.

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Make sure the seller fills out their name and signature, date, and purchase price Bring the plate portion of the vehicle registration permit if you are attaching your plate to the vehicle. Selling a used vehicle in Ontario? Buying a used vehicle in Ontario? Every year, over one million used vehicles change ownership in Ontario.

You need a package only if you are privately selling a: Car Van Light truck gross weight of 3, kilograms or less Self-propelled motor home Motorcycle Some transfers may not require a Used Vehicle Information Package. For information on exemptions, spousal transfer and other types of transfers, complete the feedback form or contact ServiceOntario's Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre: Toronto area: Toll free: Canada wide Why do buyers need a Used Vehicle Information Package?

To learn about the status of the vehicle, which may affect future use of the vehicle. Examples of a vehicle status that may be of concern to a buyer include: Suspended If ministry records show that a vehicle status is "suspended", no transactions involving the vehicle will be processed. A buyer could not obtain a new vehicle permit. A vehicle permit may be suspended for things like a contravention of a statute, such as the Highway Traffic Act. Unfit If ministry records show that the vehicle status is "unfit", it may be mechanically unfit.

Licence plates cannot be attached to such a vehicle unless a Safety Standards Certificate is provided to the ministry. Wrecked If ministry records show that the vehicle status is "wrecked", the vehicle has been completely dismantled or crushed. Licence plates cannot be attached to the vehicle and it cannot be used on any public road. To be made aware if the vehicle has been branded and may affect future use of the vehicle To make sure the name of the person selling the vehicle is the same as the name on the vehicle registration To see if anything in the vehicle's registration history might cause concern To check the vehicle's odometer reading last provided to the ministry.