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In most situations, if you want to be legally known by a name that is different to your birth name, all you can do is apply for a Deed Poll to.
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The folks at Social Security are used to dealing with name changes and discrepancies of all kinds. It is best to resolve the differences sooner than later. You can call Social Security at to discuss your concerns with a representative. Find the answers to the most common Social Security questions such as when to claim, how to maximize your retirement benefits and more. You are leaving AARP. Please return to AARP.

Using a Name other Than the one on Your Birth Certificate

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In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. Some states have introduced the service of correcting the details of Birth Certificate online. Like Telangana has recently introduced an integrated service delivery gateway- Meeseva. Here is a guide to a step-by-step process to change your name in the Birth Certificate. Firstly, write an application to the Registrar of Births and Deaths under your Municipal Corporation. The Registrar is generally the issuing authority for all states. The letter should contain your old details, your new details and a brief statement of the reasons for name change.

Along with the application, you need to attach some supporting documents. This will include an appropriately notarized affidavit, in case of name change. Like for instance, in Bangalore you will need a Deed Changing Surname. In some cases, you might be required to give the hospital discharge certificates, often asked for a change in date of birth. Step 3: After you have submitted all the documents and applications, the Registrar can either accept it or reject it. Generally, if all the documents are correct, the chances for rejection is bleak.

However, in case the application for name change gets rejected, you can file a writ of mandamus in the High Court, praying the Registrar or other issuing authority, to state reasons for the same. Step 4: After your application is approved by the issuing authority, you are required to publish a small advertisement in the local newspaper, as a public declaration. The format for the advertisement is given below:.

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Update Change in Birth Certificate. I have submitted an affidavit to this effect, which was signed by on. Step 5: Publication in the Official Gazette : This is the final step in the name-change process. A Gazette is a Government publication and at many instances, the name change publication in the Gazette is insisted for.

I still have his name as well. Ok I have a Court document showing what my name supposed to be. However, whenever I need to do something with a pass port, Social Security, or any other government thing I get the run around. Recently I tried to get a copy of my birth certificate and all of the information I entered was incorrect. What can I do when all these years the county and State I lived in made the error? We are sorry to hear about all the confusion concerning your name.

When your Mom had your name legally changed, she should have also had your birth certificate amended to reflect your new name. If this was not done, it could be the reason for all the confusion now. We suggest you contact the vital records agency that issued your birth certificate originally for more information on how to go about amending your birth certificate so your name matches the documents from the court.

We wish you the best in getting this straightened out. I am 59 years old and was adopted when I was 4. I lived with the woman for aprox years, then, I was introduced to my natural family. I have had a long and fruitful relationship with both parents and grandparents. I actually have been with them longer than the adoptive woman. I live in California and was born in santa cruz California…anybody know?

Hello James. Please click here to visit their website for more information. You can also call them Hope this helps! Will this involve a court order? What do I do? I have called the vitals records correction but they seem to be busy. Is there another way I can contact vital records to fix only a one letter spelling error? I really need help. I just want this issue done and over with. Hopefully quick and simple. Hello Cecilia and thank you for your question — You would need to contact the Vital Records amendments and corrections department in the state you were born.

I will be more than happy to assist you in locating the contact information for that office if you would like to reply back with the state? He currently has his fathers last name but I would like to change it to my last name. My son will turn one in August and it just has not worked out between his father and I. I have been paying basically for everything. He is on my insurance and I just want my son to have my last name. Is this something that is possible? Does the father need to be present if I have to go to court? Can you please help me?

Good morning Gladys and thank you for your questions. It can also vary by the reason for the change. Sincerely, Nichole H. Thank u. If you need to make a correction to your birth certificate you will need to contact the vital records corrections and amendments department in the state that you were born. They will be able to assist you making this correction. Loya is like my middle name. Hello Stephanie and thank you for your question.

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  • Yes, you will need to contact the amendments and corrections department in the California Vital Records office. They will be able to assist you in making these corrections. Can you please give me office info. I would like to change my sons last name from the name of his fathers last name to mine an also his middle name different we were not married and no dna testing was done just signing of acknowledgment of paternity was signed please help.

    Good morning Nicole, Here is the contact number for the Texas Department of State Health Services they will be able to get you started in the right directions and answer any questions you may have regarding this. Hopefully this information will be helpful. If you need anything further please let us know. My x wife has changed my son last name from Dobson to Dobson-Bell on hus school records.

    I pay her child support snd get him every other weekend. Can she change his name on birth certificate without my conset. Hello Phillip. It seems logical to assume that you would have a voice in the process but you may want to confirm with a family law specialist to verify this. My question is to what court do I go? Hello Elizabeth. To legally change your last name, you would petition the county court in San Bernadino County, go to the court hearing and then get a Decree for Changing Name from the court.

    You may want to consult with a legal specialist to determine how best to accomplish both these actions and in what order to do them. Thank you for your question. However, many people may use a different variation of that name in their everyday life, including receiving mail, etc. If the name on the birth certificate is incorrect, then you will want to contact the vital record agency that issued the certificate to make the correction s necessary. My daughter has a certified copy of her corrected birth certificate from TX. Is there any way to get a copy of the original birth certificate with all the original information?

    Much thx in advance. Most certified birth certificates do not list the hospital of birth. You can contact the Texas Vital records office directly and ask them what they may be able to provide to suffice the US Department of State He was born in CA. To correct his certificate he can contact the corrections and amendments department for the state of California. I am 29 and my step father has been my dad since I was 2 years of age I want to remove my bio dad name from my birth certificate and put my step fathers is that possible and if so how.

    Thanks for the question. In most cases, changing an identified parent on a birth certificate typically requires legal documentation granting such a change, such as a court order, decree, or formal adoption paperwork undertaken by a step parent. The best thing to do is to check with the vital record agency that issued your birth certificate to find out what changes they allow and what documentation may be required for any requested changes. Hope that helps. Thanks you. My son has the same situation. And so even thought he is 34 years old.

    Can my husband adopt him at his age? Hello Patricia. Requirements for amending a birth certificate may differ from state to state so we suggest you contact the vital records office in the area where your son was born to obtain more information about how to amend his last name on his birth certificate. I trying to find out how to get the spelling of a middle name changed on my daughters birth certificate. I only need to add 1 letter to it. Can you give some advice or the right place to go to.

    I am in Baton Rouge La area. We hope this helps. My daughter is unable to get passport because when she was 6 years old we legally changed her name from her birth name to the last name of my new husband. He would only allow the name change in exchange for paying no child support. All of this was initiated and filed by him. He lived in a different county than we did. Now he has deceased and we have called every county we have lived in to try to find where these records are. They did send us the papers telling us this had been done in August of From first grade on she used her new name.

    We must have had the documents at that time or the school district would not have rolled her under her new last name. Now she is married and it shows her married name and the new name we gave her but her birth certificate still shows her original last name. They will not give her a passport unless she can produce facts showing why her name changed from one to the othe. How do we find out where these records were filed and how to get a copy of them so she can get a passport. The schools she attended back then have no record of it. Thanks for your help, Debbie.

    Thank you for you question. Given your situation, it sounds like you may need to contact the court system either in the county where the name change documents were filed, or perhaps at the State, to obtain a copy of those documents. Perhaps the vital record agency that issued the original birth certificate may be able to assist you, as they may have been notified about the legal change when it occurred.

    Thank you, and we hope this is helpful for you. I want to get my last name changed. They only changed it on my birth certificate and not on my social so when I joined the military, they went by my social and not my birth certificate.

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    • Correcting a Birth Certificate.
    • What do I need to get it changed back to Mendez? Is it a long process? Does it cost a lot? Hello Alondra and thank you for your question. You have two options to rectify the discrepancies between your birth certificate and your social security card. The first option, which will likely be less expensive and less time consuming, would be to contact the Social Security Administration to apply to change your name on your social security card to match that which is on your birth certificate.

      The second option would involve legally changing your name back to Mendez and would require you to contact the court system where the original name change took place. They should be able to offer you guidance and provide information regarding the fees and time frame involved. Hello Rose Ann. We apologize but we do not understand what you are asking. Can you please repost your question or email us at vitals. Hello Joshua. We recommend that you contact Vital Records again in the city and state where you were born as they are the ones who should be able to guide you through the process of getting your birth certificate corrected.

      Find out if they can accept alternate forms of documentation to verify your identity such as school or work ID, utility bills etc. We wish you luck in this endeavor. I would like to change my name down to a shorter nickname. I was born in Georgia but I currently reside in California and have never been back to Georgia since leaving at 1 year old. How would I go about this? Hello Alex. To change your birth certificate, you will need to contact the Vital Records Amendments agency in Georgia for further guidance. What steps would we have to take to correct my husbands name.

      When he was 10 yrs old his father passed away in an oilfield accident and the lawyers had his named changed which they took off his middle name and left his mothers maiden name added his fathers last name. They also never changed his ss and we are having a lot of trouble trying to straighten it out. What can or needs to be done? Hello Marcy. We recommend that your husband contact the amendments and corrections department of the vital records office responsible for issuing his original birth certificate. Inquire as to what steps to follow in order to obtain corrected birth certificate.

      It is possible he may be required to get a court order to legally change or modify his name on his birth certificate. In this case, he will need to contact the office of the court that handles name changes and then fill out and submit a petition for a change of name with the correct office. Hello Nicklas. We are sorry to hear about your situation. The first thing to do would be to contact the vital records agency where you were born to determine the requirements will be to amend your birth certificate to include your first name.

      Requirements can vary from state to state so we cannot give you a definitive answer. My husband now my ex-husband put down my stage name and he was supposed to correct this 16 years ago. I have tried to research on how to proceed. It would be amazing to get help on this. Hello Lisa. We will need a bit more information in order to offer you proper guidance. Please email us at vitals.

      He is two years younger than me but the certificate shows that we are the same age. When we met he was lying about his age and he is still doing it. Also, the time of birth is incorrect. The certificate says she was born at AM which is absolutely wrong. She was actually born at PM. Hello Tawanna. Since many states have different requirements for correcting a birth certificate, we recommend that you contact the Vital Records Corrections and Amendments office in the city where your daughter was born. They should be able to tell you the steps you will need to take.

      I was born outside of the U. S in Thailand. When we came to the U. S, my uncle mistakenly entered the year as my birth year, but my real birth year was Who should I approach this situation to? Hello Kang. Thanks for reaching out. If you are looking to correct an error on your U. Department of State. Otherwise, you could contact the Thai embassy for guidance.

      Can a birth certificate be changed? | UK Deed Poll Service

      But, will that undo my legally married name? My middle name that I received in Confirmation, I use the initial in all my affairs. I just want my birth certificate, to show the spelling of my first name, the way i have been using it, my whole life since grade school I do not want the middle name added to the birth certificate, because that is NOT how my life happened.

      Thank You. Hello Joanne. We suggest you contact the Amendments and corrections office of Vital Records in the area where you were born for guidance on how to legally change your name on your birth certificate. We got a lawyer to do the legal name change on the birth certificate. We got the court order for the approval of the name change on his birth certificate. What all does he have to do to get a new birth certificate with the correct name? Because he wants to go and get all his information changed at the bank, his DL, work, get his TWIC card, passport and report it to the credit bureaus since he has a lot of issues for credit due to the two different last names.

      He was born is Pasadena, Tx. Hello Jessie. Thank you for reaching out to us. Since you already have the court order approving the name change, we recommend you contact the vital records office in Pasedena, TX for more information on how to proceed. I reside in Texas but born in Hawaii. Do I need to do a name change?

      If so, what state? They will be able to provide you with the proper instructions and information needed to make such a change. We hope this has been helpful for you. Hello Alicia. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. Each state may have different guidelines on how to correct a name on a birth certificate. We suggest you contact the amendments and corrections department of the vital records agency in the state where your son was born for further guidance.

      Change or Correction of name / DOB in Birth Certificate [LATEST FULL DETAILS] English JUNE 2019

      I have changed my name via court order due to domestic violence and identity theft. The court has sealed the name change because of that so it was not publicized in papers. The department of vitals says they either amend or change the name. Will this be a problem with the official court name change papers given to them?

      This is NYC. As long as you have the appropriate court documents showing the change in name, changing your birth certificate with the vital records office in the city or state where you were born should be no problem. They may require additional documentation, but the agency will be able to provide you all the specific details for your situation. Thank you and best of luck. Hi I have my name spelt in birth certificate as karlas and each and every document right from my school results till my graduation as Karl and also all government document such as aadhar card, license, nationality certificate as karl.

      Will I still be able to get passport as my name is spelt wrong in birth certificate. Great question Karl, thank you. Your name on your birth certificate will need to match the name on your other documents in order to apply for a Passport. The best thing to do is to contact the vital record agency that issued your birth certificate and ask about making a correction to your birth certificate for the spelling of your name. They will provide you specific instructions and any documentation they will need in order to assist you with that change.

      Once you have the corrected certificate that matches your other documents and ID, you should be able to apply for your Passport without issues. In her passport and aadhar card name as Nihala Thiruthikkattu pulakkal as my name in passport. How I can change. Good morning, Nabeel. Each state has different regulations regarding changing a name on a birth certificate. Some states will allow for changes to the birth certificate without a court order if your child under a certain age usually a year old.

      Hope this was helpful. Hi so my name on my birth certificate is young gi go, with gi as my middle name. In school however I have accidentally putting young gi as my full first name for all my official exams and forms. Good morning, Christine. There is always a possibility that the name discrepancies could cause you enrollment issues in the future. We suggest you reach out to a school guidance counselor or dean — someone who assists students with college preparation- who may have more insight as to whether this name discrepancy will be a problem for you. It is possible to amend your name on your birth certificate but it may require a court order to do so.

      We hope you are able to find out more information on this subject. Hello Daniel. Some states allow for changes to a birth certificate if the request is made before the child is a certain age usually one year or less If your son is older, it is possible the process could require proof of paternity if necessary and a court order. We suggest you contact the vital records agency in the area where your son was born for guidance on how to proceed. My husband and I were going to be traveling outside of the US and wanted to get a copy of his birth certificate but when we applied for the certificate it came back that this person was unknown We have found out recently that his birthdate is incorrect.

      His mom has died and his dad lives in another state and he cannot confirm the birthdate. How do we fix his date on the birth certficate and get a copy. Does his father have to fill out an affidavit? We are scared that his dad may pass and then what do we do?? Please have your husband contact us at vitals. Depending on what state he was born in, it might be possible for the vital records agency to do a search on a small range of dates rather that one specific date.

      Hi my. Hello Joseph. We suggest you contact NYC Vital Records to find out what steps you will need to take and what documentation you will need to provide in order to change your documents so that they all list the same birth date. He believes it was under the age of 2. How do we get proof of it and how long will it take.

      Also if he ordered a new birth certificate will his new last name be on it? Thank you for your question Destiny. In order to request a change of name on something as critical as a birth certificate, specific legal proof of the change will be required by the agency responsible for issuing that certificate. In lieu of legal court documentation showing the change of name, some agencies may accept school records or other similar documentation if available.

      Thai Birth Certificate (ENG)

      Check with the specific agency first as they will be able to let you know what information they require. Thank you, and Best Regards. How might I proceed in doing this? Hello Jennifer. What a lovely family tradition! Each state may determine their own requirements for making a change to a birth certificate or other vital record. They should be able to provide you with information regarding the steps you will need to amend your name on your birth certificate. We wish you the best. Is it possible to change the parents name on the birth certificate. My niece was adopted and her new parents want to put their name on the birth certificate and also add their last name for the child.

      The child is now 8 yrs old. Hello Sharon. For example the name on my birth certificate is Jessica Gonzalez. Is that possible? I was married to my husband as Jessica Gonzalez and have not taken his last name yet. I would like to be Jessica Rodriguez-Hamilton for social security and all other documents, but Jessica Rodriguez on my birth certificate. Hello Jessica and thank you for your question.

      What Happens if the Name I Use is Different from the Name on My Birth Certificate?

      Each state may have different guidelines for amending a birth certificate so we suggest you contact the vital records amendments and corrections department in the state where you were born for guidance. How do I go by doing so? Hello Millie. You can also email the Corrections and Amendments Unit at correctionsunit2 health.

      For more information, please click here to visit their website. Hello my name is Stephanie Brown What do i need to do to fix this dark cloud over my head??? Hello Stephanie. We are sorry to hear about your predicament. Hi I just noticed my son birth certificate was wrong his gender said his female.

      How to correct this what to do. Hello Lareina. They should be able to guide you through the process of correcting the gender notation on his birth certificate. My son was born but the gender was put wrong. I send it out a form so they can correct the error. But they ony put an amendments at the bottom of the birth certificate. In texas. Thank you for your question Maria. They will be able to advise you about what steps to take next. Was told a court order was needed.

      My birth certificate is from Texas, but I live in NY. Unfortunately this is beyond our ability to provide any direct assistance; however, we do suggest working with the state that issued your birth certificate directly. Since every state has unique requirements for making changes to birth certificates, they should be able to advise you on exactly what documentation is needed to make the change you are requesting. You may also need assistance from a legal professional or agency that can assist you to navigate the process of obtaining any legal documentation that may be necessary — like a court order or similar.

      Best regards. Hello Gerardo. Thanks for reaching out top us with your question. Since every state has unique requirements for making changes to birth certificates, we suggest you contact the vital records agency that issued the birth certificate directly. I am from California. Hello Swan. They should be able to advise you on what steps you will need to take to make the change.

      Hope this information is helpful. Hello Melisa and thanks for your inquiry. They should be able to advise you on what steps you will need to take to add your maiden name to her birth certificate. Where do I find the form to do a legal name change on a birth certificate? How much does it cost?.. Thank you.. Hello Allison. We appreciate your question.

      Each state may have different requirements for amending a birth certificate. You will need to contact the Vital Records Agency that originally issued the birth certificate for more information on how to make a legal name change. Can you please tell me what can I do? Hell Nimesh.

      They should be able to assist you with making a correction. My name is Ali Mohamed sayidi ,I needed your help. My father entered the United States in by his uncle and entered the United States as a real son. My father got American citizenship in Before I was born, I entered the United States in I was 17 years old. I got American citizenship and did not know that my father had two different last name.

      If there is problems for my father or me? I appreciate your help. Hello Ali. In order to change your name, you will more than likely have to go through your local court system. We suggest you contact them for more information on legally changing your name. I had my daughter while me and my husband were still legally married. We are now back together but he is legally considered his since I had her when we were still legally married. I have mentioned adooption to her birth father and now all of a sudden he wants to take me to family court even though he has no legal rights to her and has also dodged being placed on child support.

      He legally has no rights anyways. Hello Ashley. We wish you the best in getting this situation resolved. My parents did not give me a middle name at birth so my birth certificate is only my first and last name. Later on they gave me a middle name but did not make the change legally. All of my documents have my middle name passport, Driver license, SS Card, university degree, bank accounts, etc. I have applied for a legal name change in probate court so that my legal name is th same as all of my documents.

      When I receive the final judgement from probate court will I then have to petition to amend my birth certificate or can I just show the court order and my old BC? Will that be considered valid? If not, how long does it usually take to amend a birth certificate? I was born in MA. Hello Meg. The requirements for amending a birth certificate and the processing times may vary from state to state so we suggest you contact MA vital records for more information on their amendments requirements.

      I changed my daughters last name on her birth certificate in Minnesota two months before moving to New York. How can i finish the process in New York? Hello Destiny. Need to swith these names and my kid is 1 month old Still it requires court order. Please help me the process for change my kid name in birth certificate. Hello Venkatesh. Some states may even allow for such changes if the child is under a certain age.

      If not, the agency should be able to provide information on what steps you need to take to make the correction. He has always used that name since he was a child. Recently, he tried to go in a cruise with my mother. He was not able to go due to the name difference. What would be easier to do? Change his birth certificate, or his state id and social? What is the process? How long is the process?