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The Doyle Law Group, P.A. blog offers updates and insights that will is one of the main objectives of divorce proceedings in North Carolina.
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Some divorcing couples f Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Jan 17, 0 Comments. In North Carolina, married couples decide to divorce for a variety of reasons, with the most common being financial problems and adultery. However, in recent years, more couples are listing social media as the reason for their divorce.

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Seemingly innocent discussions on social media can lead to em Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Jan 10, 0 Comments. In a North Carolina divorce, couples sometimes consider using just one attorney to prepare the paperwork, especially when they agree on most issues.

Divorce is expensive for both parties, and the couple may believe that sharing an attorney will reduce costs. However, legally, you and your spouse Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Jan 03, 0 Comments.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is stressful for all parties involved, including children, especially when the divorce is filled with resentment and anger. Children need to maintain meaningful relationships with both parents, so shielding them from conflict between parents is essential for their well-being. Divorcing pa Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Jan 02, 0 Comments. Divorce cases can be volatile, especially if one of the spouses has committed adultery.

In North Carolina, couples must be separated for one year before the court will grant them an Absolute Divorce, and the law does not make an exception for adultery.

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Although North Carolina is a "no fault" divo Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Dec 20, 0 Comments. In North Carolina divorce cases where domestic violence exists, the abuse does not always end when the couple separates. While people often picture black eyes, split lips, and bruises as the signs of domestic violence, the unseen effects of emotional abuse and stalking can be just as debilitating Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Dec 17, 0 Comments. Gray Divorce -- when divorcing couples are over age 50 -- is becoming more common in North Carolina and across the United States.

Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Dec 12, 0 Comments. Dividing property is often a contentious issue in a North Carolina divorce. You may have accumulated substantial assets during your marriage, including the family home, vehicles, retirement accounts, and investments. You may have also accumulated large amounts of debt that must be divided as well Posted by Jonathan Jerkins Dec 05, 0 Comments.

In a typical North Carolina divorce case, each spouse hires their own attorney to represent them.

However, in some instances, one spouse chooses not to hire an attorney. This may be for financial or personal reasons.

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  • Divorce can be a slow and frustrating process even under the best circumstances, Therefore, it is often necessary for families to modify their original agreements, such as their child support agreement, to ensure it continues to meet the child's needs and the paying parent's abilities. Our team at Raleigh Divorce Law Firm has always been dedicated to providing excellence in customer service resulting in many happy clients.

    In doing so, our commitment and focus has taken us on a fabulous journey of growth - both personally and for our business.

    Understanding Same Sex Divorce in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, family courts generally prefer divorcing parents to establish a custody agreement for themselves, outside of court. This allows parents to make their decision based on what is best for their family. After all, they understand their family's needs better than any family court could. However, negotiating a child custody agreement can be emotionally challenging for both parents. How do they know what should influence their agreement, or what special considerations they must take into account? Earlier this summer, NBC reported that a current trend is changing the way couples approach finances that could impact a marriage--as well as a divorce.

    The study found that more couples nowadays choose not to combine their bank accounts when they get married.

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    Instead, they keep their bank accounts and even credit card accounts separate. Your parents have been married for 20, 30 or even 40 years and you didn't think they would ever separate and eventually divorce.

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    • It can be a hard experience to process emotionally when they tell you that a divorce is happening. Many children face the reality of their parents divorcing at a young age, but with the divorce rate among older couples increasing, adult children are dealing with the aftermath of divorce more than ever. The term "exit plan" usually refers to business matters. You helped me on several occasions to calm myself and to be able to assert my needs in these difficult conversations. I truly appreciate your help. I think you're a guy whose compass, when consulted, always works.

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      And that's a good thing, because we all, on occasion, lose our way. Collaborative Divorce I work with clients in all forms of collaborative divorce.

      Mediation I offer private and court ordered mediation services to individuals that wish to resolve their family law or other legal issues themselves with my help outside of court. Negotiation Sometimes clients want to negotiate their divorce issues with attorneys, but cannot agree on the process they want to use for these discussions.