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Santa Clara County Property Tax

This service has been provided to allow easy access and a visual display of County Assessment information. A reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data provided; nevertheless, some information may be out of date or may not be accurate. The County of Santa Clara assumes no responsibility arising from use of this information. Do not make any business decisions based on this data before validating the data.

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California Government Code The information contained in this web site is for the current owner of record only. Current owner history displayed is available for up to the most current three years only.

Proposition 60 and 90: Carry Your Current Property Tax Base to Your New Home!

If the ownership has changed during the past three years, the information displayed will only be for the most recently closed assessment roll. Electronic Check eCheck payments are free.

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This fee will be added to your total payment. To avoid paying additional fees, pay online by eCheck, mail your payment, or bring your payment into our office.

3 Steps to Create an Invisible Investor Strategy

What is a Vendor-Added Convenience Fee? This fee is not an additional tax.

The fee amount is based upon a percentage of the transaction. If you elect to pay by credit card, please be aware that these fees are added to your transaction. A secured property tax bill is generally a tax bill for real property, which could include your home, vacant land, commercial property and the like.

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  6. The term "secured" simply means taxes that are assessed against real property e. If the taxes remain unpaid after a period of five 5 years, the property may be sold to cover the taxes owed. The term "unsecured" simply refers to property that can be relocated and is not real estate. An unsecured property tax bill is usually for property such as aircraft, boats and business personal property. An unsecured property tax bill may also be for real property such as land in some cases. What makes this tax bill different from the secured tax bill is that the lien for taxes is against the owner of the property.

    If taxes are not paid a lien can be filed against the owner of the property. Property taxes are levied on land, improvements, and business personal property.