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Turn your records into CDs, no computer required. An ION Exclusive! LP 2 CD™ is the fastest, easiest way to convert your vinyl records to CDs with.
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Some collectors can have a higher interest in the cover than in the vinyl record itself, for instance if they want to replace the ancient cover of one of their records. At the time you list a vinyl record, it is recommended that you put one or more pictures of high quality, to let buyers see the visual condition. LPs printed in Japan have specific covers including an ''obi'' see picture that can make the value of the record go up if it remained in a perfect condition.

They sometimes include a booklet with additional information. Please note : If your records need a good cleaning: see our paragraph about '' how to clean your vinyl records Like we said before, the first steps before pricing a vinyl record are its precise identification and condition. Now, how will you find out if your record stands out?

Just like any other collector's item, the value of a record is determined by rarity. Several other factors will also make its price vary: the artist's fame, the musical genre, the general interest on the record market There is no exact rule, but generally speaking, a record that was pressed at millions copies will never cost a lot Always remember to compare similar products check the year, the country of pressing, etc For example source JukeBox Magazine :.

Important : Keep in mind that it is mostly an investigation work that becomes easier with time and experience. Your music knowledge will improve along the process and you'll have fun while investigating. Please note that for 78's: you will avoid using rubbing alcohol, it will damage them. Now that you know how to identify, grade and evaluate the price of your records, you are ready to put your vinyl records for sale See our seller's page and learn more about how our marketplace works. Pictures are an excellent way to promote your items. While browsing your shop on line, customers will not be able to touch the records, nor read the information on the back of covers, like they would in a regular store or in a flee market.

Therefore, photos are the best way to convince your potential buyers. Because the seller is responsible for his item till the buyer receives it, make sure you pack your discs and musical items as carefully as you can. We recommend that you use professional record mailers rather than homemade packaging Sizes and weights will be accurate and you will avoid exceeding the weights calculated by our computer system.

Eco-friendly tip : Recycling works fine, as long as mailers are still in good condition! Forum 1 Blog 1 Sell music. Sell music. Music categories. Rock General.


Current Rock. Metal General.

Dark Metal. Grind Core. Hard Core. Hard Rock.

Transfer Vinyl Records, to Computer, CD.

Hard Rock French. Neo Metal. Stoner Rock. Metal Fusion. Rock n Roll. Elvis Presley. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. Pop general. Current Pop. Pop 90s. Pop 80s. French Pop. French Rock. Johnny Hallyday. Traditional Music. Pays Basque. Others French. European Grooves. Other Countries. Soul 80s.

listed by collectors and record shops worldwide.

Italo Disco. Acid jazz. Groove Revival. Jazz Classic. Cool Jazz. Modern Jazz. Jazz fusion. Vocal jazz. Milks SW FL. I received my TEAC unit a couple days ago and after reading, what was a very user-friendly instruction booklet, I checked out the sound quality for each of the audio units contained in the Sound quality is very respectable for the size of the speakers in the unit.

Recording vinyl records onto a CD is easy – and worth it

I have just completed some recording and I must say this is as easy as the description and reviews advertised. I had no problems at all transferring music from both vinyl and cassette to CD and finalizing the CD. TEAC is "keeping it easy" for us baby boomers to transfer our music to CD so those tunes are preserved for years to come. Thanks, TEAC. Monkey Been To Burn Town. Louis, IL.

As an Animal Collective completionist, I had to have this album. After a few listens, I can say that this is an awesome little EP full of AnCo sounds while they are going in their new direction. Pick this up if you need all things Animal Collective! It arrived on time, very easy to install and the quality of the sound is good. Just one thing, when you place the LP there is a lil trick you have to master. Since it's a very small unit, they save as much space possible and you have to place the LP from the arm, otherwise it won't fit.

Other than this, this unit is perfect! Only 17 left in stock - order soon.

Buy your vinyl records and CDs among millions of records

I love everything about this item. It does everything I wanted and is easy to use.

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  • I use it every day. What an amazing voice. I am an admirer of female vocalists and I have a new favorite. I loved some of the songs, liked a few, and there are three I didn't really get into BUT 9 out of 12 is very strong don't you agree? In an age of one hit wonders made business' like Itunes a success with the ability to buy just the song you liked and not have to waste your coin on a CD finding an album worth buying is rare and a blessing.

    I'd skip the deluxe and stick to the regular album.

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    • Thus, you have decided to convert records to digital. Here are five very competent machines with that should do the job satisfactorily. However, they are not audiophile record players. If you want to enjoy all that your precious records have to offer, play them on a topflight turntable.

      Some machines are actually designed to convert vinyl directly to CD without requiring a computer or use of software. The turntable you choose should have a built-in phono preamplifier and the ability to connect directly to a computer via USB if cables are included, so much the better.

      The good news is that one of the most popular, Audacity, is open-source and free to download. Do some research on the various products up front. Whatever your choice, make sure that the software is compatible with your versions of the Mac and Windows operating systems. Switch the turntable on and launch your software in some cases, it will launch automatically. From here on, things might appear slightly different depending on your computer and software, but these are the basic steps:.

      Choose Recording. The turntable should be recognized and visible as the source you need to select. For Mac, choose Settings followed by Sound Devices.

      5 of the best vinyl to CD software converters

      Click Input, and the turntable should be a choice. The sound waves should remain within the designated parameters. Here is where you clean the file of surface pops.