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Please advise on what to do, She lives in Wayne co, NY. Very kind of you to help her out.

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Click through all of them to find the company and plan that works best for your sister-in-law. I do have a comment. Very helpful and thank you so much for time to creating this blog. Keep up the awesome work. Looking to be come a dealer myself. I see we have three in N.

Looking forward.

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Thanks again. Thanks for your kind words, Ceaser. My name is Marguerite Saxton. I am inquiring on behalf of my 75 year old co worker who lost her land line service because she cannot afford it. She lives in Greenwood Lake, New York I am inquiring if she would be eligible for a free cell phone and service. I would very much like to speak to someone.

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I cannot fill out her application on line and would like to have more info before I get her hopes up. I would greatly appreciate a reply. If this can work, will have her fill out the application or call. Thank you very much for your help.

This is very kind of you, Marguerite. You can find a list of the New York free government cell phone companies right here on this page. Click through them to find out which companies offer the plans you think fits your friend best. My phone is being used by a person who took it from my pocket. His name and ofnormation will be known at my contact at my mothers expense. If your free government cell hone was stolen, you need to contact your provider and report it stolen. I was in the Marines in Vietnam Shapnel in my right elbow,mosly gone,hearing loss both ears,and PTSD.

Please let me khow,if I;am allowed for this type of service. Rogers alexander USMC. I work with a man that receives benefits through Medicaid. He is visually impaired and can not see most phone number pads. Could you tell me how to help her she had no incomeonly medicaid from n. Need access to goverment phone in area live in Mount Trenper near Woodstock NY and receive disability I an disabled which phone works for me in my are Please and Thank you. Did I leave some information out?

Why the delay? Can someone email me with info about what I need to do to get the free cell phone and minutes,? Years ago I had a cellphone but I could not afford it…I need the cell phone so I can have less payment at end of the month…as I am very cash poor since the eviction harrassements, abuses, property damage and financial terrorism, as poa brother would not pay the bills he was supposed to pay and who committed thousands of credit card fraud on my accounts.

They were paid down to zero before and for twenty years or more my credit score has been exceptional. I wish to keep my credit card score as good as it was, because for Section 8 they want to see high scores…very concerned all the time about cash and sometimes need an extra month of DSS before I can buy essential items. I am interested in the free cell phone. I receive snap and section 8.

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My birthday is May 1, My 88 yr. She carries it with her for emergencies. So my question is, does Medicaid or the state cover the Early Termination Fee? Please help asap, thanks in advance! I have free health insurance through the exchange in New York State. I meet the minimum guidelines but the insurance is not called Medicaid it is called Fidelis which is a managed Medicaid company. Does this qualify me for a phone? Why every time i use my gov phone we get chared for mins before the call is answered also when call D. S by the time the answer the call u loose ur free min this is a bunch of bull.

I need phone to call Dr. My elderly mother received a small Samsung tracfone which she was unable to use because the numbers are too small, as are the function buttons. It has never been used. Do I have to return the phone? She has accumulated a fair number of Lifeline minutes — can those be tranferred to another user? If you are eligible to receive the Lifeline discount on the monthly land line home phone, are you also eligible for the free government cell phone too?

If you are in NY, read this page. I lost my free government cell phone and want to know how I would go about shutting it off and receiving another one. Hi my mom is in a nursing home, I am her health care proxy, and live in Florida and she lives in New York How do I get her one as she can not reach me in an emergency.

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What you need to do is pick one of the phone providers listed on this page and then complete the online application, or do it over the phone with them. All the companies that provide the cell phones to New York are listed on this page. Just contact one of them. I would like a free assurance phone. I would really appreciate it. My mother recently applied for one of these cell phones. She is 78 years old.

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The phone was delivered by mail but she was not home. With her postal receipt to retrieve the cell phone. They can not find the package. Can she have another cell phone sent to her. Can that cell phone be tracked by the phone company. My roommate has a life line phone with assurance.

How do hackers steal cell phone numbers?

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